You may be one of the thousands of people getting your financial planning advice from multiple sources. At Blackburn Financial Group, you’ll benefit from a team approach, wherein experts in multiple areas of finance collaborate to create one comprehensive plan for you. Then we’ll show you the products that will help you achieve your goals.

Founded in 1985 by Kyle Blackburn, one of the most knowledgeable product and universal life specialists in the country, Blackburn Financial Group is not in business to merely broker financial products and collect commissions. In fact, it’s our emphasis on building relationships and creating long-term strategic financial plans that sets us apart. It’s no secret that many people are unhappy with their current financial advisors. That’s why, with Blackburn Financial, you can expect a different approach to building and securing your wealth.

A team of experts, one financial plan for you

Fear is powerfully motivating – fear of running out of money, of being poorly insured, of paying too much in taxes, or of having to give up your home. Thanks to the Blackburn Financial Group philosophy of bringing together a team of top specialists, our approach helps alleviate client concerns due to our up-to-date expertise in so many areas. Here, you won’t be unpleasantly surprised by a change in tax laws and you won’t miss out on new opportunities to build a more beneficial portfolio. You’ll receive timely advice that applies to your unique financial situation.

Kyle Blackburn – President

Kyle and his father, David, started Blackburn Insurance in 1985. Kyle was in charge of computer illustrations and product support. Over the years and after looking at tens of thousands of printouts and statements, he has become the most knowledgeable product and universal life specialist in the country. Kyle is very clever at case design, using various

combinations of annuities, immediate annuities, rated immediate annuities, and various life insurance products to generate tremendous income for people or maximize the benefit for their heirs. Kyle feels extremely lucky to be able to lead such an extraordinary team of people in this competitive market.

Contact Kyle at: or 405-721-3512

Courtney Blackburn – Marketing and Recruiting Director

courtney-blackburnCourtney earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Advertising from the University of Oklahoma. She has worked for Blackburn Financial Group since December of 2001 and signed on as full-time Marketing and Recruiting Director in 2006. Courtney is the wife of Kyle and is excited to be working with the family business. She wholeheartedly believes in the company and the products they support. She enjoys working with the exceptional staff and knows that each and every employee has the agent’s and client’s best interest at heart. Courtney handles all of the company’s marketing and advertising. She is also in charge of recruiting agents.

Contact Courtney at: or 405-721-3512

Tricia McCarty – New Business and Underwriting Administrator

tricia-mccartyTricia attended Louisiana College and earned her Bachelor’s of Science in Business Education. She has been in the insurance business for almost 15 years and has been working with Blackburn Financial Group for 12 years. Tricia really enjoys working for Blackburn Financial Group because the staff is exceptional, the work atmosphere is excellent, and everyone works together to create and build a prosperous business. Tricia handles all new business for numerous insurance companies, and she does follow-ups on all pending cases. She talks with agents and works out any problems they may experience with an application or insurance company.

Contact Tricia at: or 405-721-3512


Richard Adamson, Jr. – Wealth Advisor

Richard Adamson attended Cameron University where he earned his Bachelor’s in Business Administration with a concentration in Finance. Richard is a fully licensed Wealth Advisor and is excited about being a part of the team. Richard believes in helping people identify and pursue their best possible financial opportunities and looks forward to continued success with Blackburn Financial Group.

Contact Richard at: or 405-721-3512